November 18, 2018

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Voted Best Gainesville and North Central Florida Pro-Audio Recording Studio, cialis usa prostate   Production & Mastering  Facility

Many have found that all Florida Recording Studios are by no means the same. And we thank you for again making US Audio Recording Studio Gainesville and Mid Central Fl.’s number one indie-recording studio, case multimedia production and mastering facility and your number one choice in high quality Entertainment Industry Production Services since 2002.

If you’ve ever thought about being a Music Producer, decease leaning the skills it takes to work in a music or recording studio (analog or digital) or the entertainment industry, USAudio could be for you.  Our Gainesville Fl. music 32 bit digital recording studio now also offers a very affordable and unique music production class in a one-on-one tutorial setting.  Let’s face it!  No two people learn alike. Nor does everyone learn at the same rate.  With the new and often complicated advances in digital audio software coming on the market each and every day, you don’t need to be a slow learner to have a hard time keeping up with all the hardware and digital audio software out there or understanding all the ins and outs of the new technological paradigm shifts which are coming at literally (with all the 3rd. party developers and software innovators) at an exponential rate.   But unlike the regular arena class setting of your average collage course at about any of today’s progressive fast paced recording schools, institutes or universities, USAudio’s specialized one- on-one tutorials are set up to progress at your own individualized rate of learning.  Learning digital recording programs or a DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) like Nuendo, Cubase, Wavelab, Pro Tools can be a tedious endeavor to say the least (not to mention their accompanying plug-ins). But having a patient and caring professional audio producer walk you through the paces can makes learning a complicated set of digital audio software platforms a very enjoyable learning experience.  And, we welcome the enthusiastic learners of all age groups.  None are to young and certainly None Are To Old to learn a new thing or two.

This is not to say by any means that schools such as  FULL SAIL UNIVERSITY (near Orlando) orsome of the other top industry tech colleges, Universities and higher educational institutions are not worth attending. On the contrary!  Schools like Full Sale are fantastic!  I’m a proponent and huge fan of our leading Entertainment Industry Universities like Full Sail.  One of my sons’,  Zack is a graduate, and proud F.S.U. alumni;  so it would be extremely hypercritical for me to spend those major bucks to send my kid there and then suggest that you should do something different.  So, no! I’m not suggesting that at all.  As a matter of a fact, I highly recommend FULL SAIL University to anyone who can afford the tuition.

Audio Recording & Production University


But we’re talking apples and oranges here.  USAudio in no way professes to be in any position to provide you or perhaps your kid(s) the kind of education that one would receive at an institution like FULL SAIL.  And USAudio’s certificate of completion is by no means anything even similar to or of equal value to you as would be an actual University Degree from a highly accredited institution like FULL SAIL.  Not at all!  But here’s the point!  Collage is not for every one.  Especially a university with a schedule as grueling and an academic program as demanding as can be many of the top tech schools these days.  Case in point: my son’s Four Year Degree was earned in Two Years; and that’s the norm.  That takes Day and Night Classes (an extremely intense 24-7 schedule), a forget-the-weekends VERY ADULT and serious “Real Word Schedule“, without holidays and things like Sprig Brakes that are the norm at most regular universities.

USAudio’s audio recording, music production,  mix and mastering one-on-one tutorials are simply that.  Tutorials, geared to provide you a strong yet fundamental understanding of whichever discipline or disciplines  you may wish to take.  Be it Pre or Post Music Production training or any other aspect of the trade, you’ll learn how to do it the right way, but at your own pace and without deadlines nor grades.  Our one-on-one tutorial classes are actually an excellent environment to familiarize yourself with the Tricks of The Trade, to see if it’s really something you want to pursue in earnest without spending a boat-load-a-bucks!  I’m not a collage grad; but then again every collage grad’s not an EMMY Award Winning Producer, and I am.   The World of Academia was never my thing and I was never a fast learner.  Having had and struggled with severer dyslexia as a child and young adult, I know and can relate to how difficult it is to keep up with the class.  I still suffer from it today, but have learned over the years how to cope, persevere and excel.   I believe almost anyone can become at least exceptionally proficient at anything they truly love or want enough to put in the time it takes to master the task.  To get a good glimpse Under The Hood here at USAudio check out our “Behind The Scene” video to see some of the Pro-audio and Multimedia Skill Sets you can receive one-on-one tutoring in.

To book one of our affordable block recording studio sessions or learn how to produce music like the pros Call (352) 281-3196.       Other Resources:    Music School Directory

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