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Gainesville FL's EMMY Award Winning Producer's Affordable National Quality Advertising

Affordable National Quality Advertising

We Help Tell Your Story…

or that of your product or service.

The Science Behind Affordable Marketing Ideas

How Making The Best Use of Today’s Advertising Technology Matters

With our solutions and assistance, tadalafil salve there’s no longer an excuse to look, viagra buy illness sound or remain local any more!

A Little But VERY IMPORTANT NOTE Before we begin Regarding:

Our Gainesville Florida Audio Recording Studio

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Sure, the combination of a National Quality Product, a well planed and precisely implemented marketing strategy produced by an Award Winning Team of very team talented marketers with great ideas usually will yield favorable results. But let’s face it!  It really doesn’t matter how appealing, desired, entertaining, appetizing or even required your product or service may be, nor for that matter while we’re at it, even how well “it” (whatever you’re selling) may work or  function to meet your client’s or customer’s needs, if your fantastic wiz-bang promotional or advertising idea lacks the two most crucially important elements to your product’s success, than you’ve got nothing but a good idea and a great deal of frustration.  In the world of National Quality Marketing and Advertising, Good Ideas are (metaphorically speaking) a dime a dozen.  And to beat that drum a little louder to drive the point home; it really makes no difference what so ever either if your product or service just so happens to be the absolute best of its kind on the planet in whatever it is it does!  If your message, story or offering is not reaching it’s intended target market audience, your efforts and investments are all for not!

So, as not to belabor your anticipation any further,  your most critical element in marketing anything is:  Affordability which most often correlates directly to the Cost Effectiveness of your message’s Delivery Method and it’s proportional ROI (Return On [YOUR] Investment).  If your product’s marketing idea’s not cost effective it’s quite frankly not worth effort it took to jot it down.  So for all intent whenever  I’m talking “ Affordability” that need not simply mean you not having the money.  It’s more about the proverbial  Bang-For-The-Buck!   A good illustration of my point would be a really poorly produced (Crappy Ad) Effectively Delivered will on average fair better (REO Wise) than a really good presentation implemented via a poorly planned delivery method.  You’ve seen them before, those really bad Local Looking ads that are so bad the they stick like stink but are often quite effective extremely cost effective.  And that (it’s cost effective ness) I assure you is not attributed to it poor production value.  Depending on how bad it is can be A FACTOR but not THE FACTOR.  ”The Factor” is its delivery Method and Persistence!  That Bad Commercial that’s there in your face each morning before your first Cup-a-Joe  is without a doubt become effective. But with clear focus remember the point here is COST Effectiveness. A very effective ad, Poorly Produced or with Stellar National Quality, if the sum-total of your message’s Delivery Method cost is not recoupable over a reasonable span of time, your Disbursement v. Profit Ratio will be low at best, and certainly not what it would be with a Cost Effective Delivery Method.

The second most important factor is actually somewhat of a relatively new phenomenon relating to your delivery method’s “IF Factor” (Technological) Interactive Functionality.  Yea, I know, that’s a mouth full.  Never the less it’s critical that you understand just how much of a KEY FACTOR this new element is!   With so many internet based (information & content) delivery methods having morphed into technologies which allow customers or prospective clients to act, react or interact to your benefit IMMEDIATELY!  And its become such that it’s often now only after that that your product or service’s quality can even begin to speak for itself.  Up to that point its up to you to ensure you give your customers the absolute best CIS possible.  That’s right, C.I.S. (pronounced Kiss) an acronym for “Customer Interaction SOLUTION“!


Affordable, Cost Effective Marketing

It’s no longer that “Times Are Changing”.

Times HAVE already changed; and drastically!  And without you even being aware, a good indication as to how fragile your immediate future may be is that if your not even familiar with acronyms such as CIS or MSEO (Marketing Search Engine Optimization) you’re most likely already begone slipping nowhere fast.  Because, without an effective CIS vehicle or strategy for acquiring one, and fast, your soon to be (if your not already) dead in the water and destined to sink beneath the wave cased by your competitor’s  effective marketing technologies.  They may have been ones you chose to ignore or perhaps (to be kinder) overlooked even though within your grasp and budget.   If your not already in that sad scenario, you certainly want to avoid it at all (affordable) cost.  And that’s the key factor, moving smartly to secure an effective CIS’ AFFORDABILITY with a high or at a minimum very favorable ROI (Return On Investment).  The bottom line being, you simply needed to know our job is to provide you that assistance you need now at a price within your affordable budget.  And the crème de la crème, we provide our CIS in a manner as no other company does, with a Lock Solid No Risk Money Back Guarantees!  Please click this Flex-e-Flyer link and see for yourself how applying a couple really simple inexpensive solutions may easily meet the challenge of your changing CIS needs.



USAudio can make a huge positive difference in your company’s Advertising ROI!

Let us show you how we can improve the outcome of your next important presentation or product offering:

(352) 281-3196

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We work hard each day to keep our slogan factual for your optimum benefit, which is:

“With USAudio, there’s no need to look, sound or remain local any more.”


Award Winning


The following example is a short YouTube Type 30 Second ad created and produced for

ProActive Tax & Accounting’s new Net Campaign.

Our affordable productions are National Quality at Local Rates.

That’s Just One Way We Help You Compete!

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We’re Far, Far More Than Simply EMMY Award Winning Pro-audio Productions!



Because we are that affordable!

Let’s work out your solution today: (352) 281-3196

Our Most Recent Demo Montage (November 2013)

You Have Several Options:

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  • SIMPLY CALL and actually talk to real living human.

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S I N C E  1983





 ”Multimedia is usually a combination of text, graphic art, sound, animation, and video delivered to you by computer or other electronic means.”

Today most multimedia uses some combination of …

  • Text (copy writing)
  • Music
  • Narration
  • Sound effects
  • Images / graphics
  • Video
  • Virtual Reality (such as QuickTime VR)
  • 3D
  • Animation
  • Programmed interactivity (scripting)

Because many of these areas require specialist knowledge and skill, most multimedia projects are completed by teams of so called “multimedia developers” each with their own specialist authoring area. Content (media) Content is separate from the interface. It is the text, video, software downloads, information etc that you are looking to find at a website or in a CD or DVD ROM.  At the end of the day “content is still king“. What Specifically Do We Do &

Who Do We Do It For:

NEW & SMALL BUSINESSES, Creative Entrepreneur of all kind! 

 Let UsAuduio

Tell Your Story!  A Who We Are/”About Us” Example


  • National Quality LOGOS, Web Graphics,  Internet & Facebook Multimedia, After Effects & Photoshop e-Banners, All Adobe CS6
  • Affordable Full Service Corporate Marketing, Branding
  • Pro Audio Recording, Mixing, Re-Mixing, Mastering, Game Audio, Beets, Loop & FX and Sound Design


Our Gainesville Florida Audio Recording Studio LIST

We are very much contemplating a major reduction in our Walk-in Audio Recording Studio Sessions to a point wherein we may only be accommodating the recording of a very limited number of special projects and therefor may be closing our Gainesville and Jonesville Florida Commercial Walking Recording Studios.



Interested Professionals May Call To Inquire

(352) 281-2196

Growing & Well Established Re-Branding: We Utilize Expert Full Service Re-branding Specialists To Re-craft Your Image .

  • Actor Rea Editing & Montague Production
  • Recording & Producing YOUR Top Quality Voice-Over Packages & Portfolios Within Radio Ready Audio Atmospheres
  • National Quality HD TV Commercials, Film & Video Production, Reality Show Headers & Demos
  • High Impact Audio Icons & Jingles National Quality Radio Commercials
  • Video and/or Sound Record of Meetings, Speeches, Ceremonies and/or Sermons

LEGAL PROFESSIONAL, EDUCATORS, INVENTORS, PRESENTERS & MORE National Quality HD Corporate & Educational Multimedia Presentations In All Formats

  • Internet Video POD CASTS 
  • Pro-HD Audio Books
  • Embed Audio Into Editable Adobe PDF e-Documents & Flex-e-Flyers


No there’s no reason to look, sound or remain local any more!


Since 1983

Musicians, Singers, Rap Artist & Entertainers

Pro-Red Book Audio CDs use nearly all of their storage capacity to store audio samples. A single minute of 16-bit 44.1kHz stereo audio uses 10MB of storage. The maximum running time of an audio CD is 74 minutes using 740MB of its total 744MB capacity. The remaining 4MB holds error correction and sub-channel data. Blue Book:   Subsequently many other formats have been developed (Orange, White, Green and Photo CD) but Blue Book (CD Extra) is probably the other format of interest to music makers. Essentially it is a mixed format that allows both audio and CD-ROM data to be included on the same disc. Such a disc will have two so called “sessions”. The first will include all the audio data complete with its TOC. The second will be a CD-ROM session, unplayable by a domestic CD audio player but recognizable when placed in the CD-ROM drive of a computer system. The idea is that an artist can include some new (multi) media material such as animation, interviews, videos etc to complement the audio section. Because a CD-ROM session will eat into the total storage capacity of the disc this material may only be a taster for a more comprehensive and separately available CD-ROM production.



Professional Artist Industry Presentation Packages For Record Companies or VCIs (Venture Capitalists Investments and Investment Groups) as well as NATIONAL QUALITY e-Commerce Ready MUSIC & ENTERTAINMENT INDUSTRY WEBSITES and:


1-on-1 Remote Interactive “TUTORIALS”

This NEW service is very unique to USAudio Multimedia.  Where else can you receive One-On-One On-line Tutorials form an EMMY Award Winning Producer, someone who will take the time required to TEACH YOU Everything You’ll Need To Know about operating, up-dating and being your own WebMaster.  Be it a Simple Info and Marketing Site to a Full Blown Multimedia &  Entertainment Site with e-Commerce Digital Downloads, we’ll show you how to maintain your own site so you can remain 100% Independent and Non-dependent on any company’s Expensive WebMastering Services.  We’ll provide you all the skills you’ll need to be up and running in no time flat! DESIGN & CREATE FULL SERVICE ON-LINE MARKETING MECHANISMS

  • Websites Designed & Constructed by Entertainment Professional For Entertainment Professional
  • FULLY Commerce & Multimedia Tested & Ready


  • Multimedia & Music Industry Consulting by EMMY Award Winning Producer/Engineers,  Songwriters,  Entertainment Industry Intellectual Property Legal Professionals

  Pro-Audio Recording Studio & Recording & Professional PRODUCTION Assistance

  • Mix and Mastering
  • Artist Development Packages & Industry Marketing Assistance
  • Original Music Composition  [ All Genres ]
  • Lyrics & Music Beds (RnB, Country, Hip-Hop, Rock-Pop Reggie and more)
  • Create Your Originally Music  (You only need to hum it and we’ll create it for you !)
  • Designer Rap Beats, Loops & Grooves  [ Simply tell us who’s music inspires you and we’ll create an original inspiring groove in a similar style for you to lay your unique vocal tracks]
  • PRODUCTIONS FOR: Poetry & Spoken Word Audio Packages With Lush Audio Backgrounds and/or Sound and Atmosphere FX

  Film Industry Professionals

  • Full Length Feature Film Scoring
  • Compose, Mix & Master Original Film Scores & Movie Sound Tracks


Demo Productions & Demo Acting Real Compositing Entertainment Industry Professionals


Everything From Photo Shoots to Designer e-Multimedia Online Presentations


  • Forensically Clean, Edit & Convert Audio to Digital Formats
  • Convert Digital or Analog Audio Material to All Internet Ready Formats

Start Marketing & Selling Your Digital Products On-line Immediately

The Mind Shift:

When it comes to getting your product, service or message out there, your need for the highest possible quality in a resource with dependable effective functionality is a given.  But again, neither of those essential factors are going to put you where you need to be without the NUMBER ONE MOST IMPORTANT FACTOR OF ALL: Affordability which without, your products and Outstanding Services are invisible and their quality Mute!   That’s where a company like USAudio comes into play! When it comes to reaching your target market or delivering your message with memorable impact, USAudio Multimedia Production’s National Quality Direct Marketing Solutions Options are endless.   Weather your presentation needs are Conservative, Corporate Chic, Elegant and Sleek, or Ultra Contemporary Urban in nature, USAudio makes it affordable for you to compete in today’s tough marketing environment. Let’s face it!  When it comes to delivering your important message, what you need is a cost effective solution with a High ROI (Return On Investment) that levels your playing field and provides you opportunity to remain relevant, engaged and competitively Toe-To-Toe with your larger or more well funded competitors. From our extremely effective and ultra affordable editable and e-mailable Flex-e-Flyers to HD Movie Theater Ads, National Quality TV, Radio, or High Impact YouTube ready webcast presentation specifically designed to provide you the absolute highest return on your investment, USAudio’s Multimedia Marketing and EMMY Award Winning Presentation Solutions are guaranteed to be the perfect fit for your limited marketing budget. We’re so confident our solutions are the absolute best deal for your hard earned dollars, we have no problems in Guaranteeing our multimedia production products and services; so much so that If you can find a better National Quality Deal that we can’t beat, we’ll Pay For That Ad, no matter who’s providing it, us or our competitors! Take Advantage of Two FREE Phone Consultations: (352) 281-3196

Since 1983



Having a resource that keeps pace with today’s rapidly evolving technology is  far more of an important factor to your company’s survival than you may think!  And keeping up with today’s technological innovation tools is much more than simply knowing how to utilize the newest widgets are apps. For those who didn’t capitalize on the flow of ever evolving need-to-know technical Multimedia knowledge during the information Era, those are the companies and individuals destine to come up short and have a much rougher go of it than others in this NEW Highly Supercharged Innovative and Competitive Application Era ! Today’s Marketing Technologies, Associated Tools and required skill-sets are evolving on what often seems like a daily basis and what was once critical a moment ago is often now at a blink-of-the-eye a thing of the pass, Old Hat and antiquated strategies.  Google has shown us this to be so very true with its ever morphing logarithmic differentiations!  What was the thing to insure High Google Page Rankings one week i.e.: Establishing Back Links, Blog Spinning and Keyword Seeding is no longer considered best practices a week later. As a matter of fact, when it comes to Google, what was a good practice one week can often be a penalizing action a week or two later.  With Google now competing with the New Army of SEO Firms sprouting up everywhere, its becoming each day ever more difficult for the layman, small companies with limited marketing resources to distinguish from day to day what is the correct thing to do?! New dynamic channels of trade, innovative analytical marketing strategies and the demands of new technologically driven business marketing models are now calling for even more fast paced advances in todays heavily automatized marketing strategies. USAudio has for quite a while been on the cutting edge in its recognizing that there is and will remain for some time to come reasonable confusion about what the face of current marketing automation is really all about, and how marketing automation software strategies are now improving and often guaranteeing businesses very positive ROI (Return On Investment) results. The hat-trick is translating our understanding of these dynamics into Real World profitable strategies that meet your needs.  Fortunately, the marketing professionals at USAudio understand that Information is always followed by Application, and that’s exactly what we’ve been doing for nearly three decades; gearing up for this precise moment when everything has become Multimedia Related and timely common sense utilization of these readily available tools will in effect define the winners and looser in the Application era.   The only question now is, which are you?

USAudio can make a huge difference in the outcome of your next important presentation : (352) 281-3196

 Media, Mediums & Inevitable Paradigm Shifts!

From Pop-corn to Stake and Lobster, or from West Coast Hip-Hop to East Coast Philharmonic, IT’S ALL THE SAME,  Just Different Products & Services!  Or is it? Here at USAudio we have a saying: It’s the same thing every day; always something different!  But the truth of the matter is of course, nothing has ever remained the same.  The only difference now is its blistering rate of change.  Fortunately, we’re technologically ready and you should be too.  But,.. if your not, that’s ok.  We’ve got your back,.. front, sides and of course your overhead and bottom-line as our Primary Concern. We know YOUR Customers are in the midst of a total mind shift.  As a result of their perpetual mobile connections, their expectations have changed drastically. They’re no longer interested in simply your witty slogans and branding ploys of the past. They want real and substantive and stable utility with robust functionality and they want it now!  In this world of the mobile mind shift, a customer expects any desired information or service to be available, on any appropriate device, in context, at their moment of need. Mobile automatized business applications and rapid delivery mechanisms are now crucial, as they are now the most prominent means in which businesses are creating meaningful relationships with today’s customers.  The average consumers today are now far outside the reach of the older more antiquated traditional marketing vehicles.  Your marketing strategies need to depend on now not only the frequency of your customers’ brand experiences and the quality with which those experiences are delivered, they now must depend very much on your customers feeling secure that you (the provider of what ever it is they want or need) are in front of our at a minimum in step with the same technology that they have grown accustom to utilizing as they’re most common mainstream marketing mediums.  This is just as true for Services Related Industries as it is Product Based. YOU MAY JUMP BACK TO THE TOP OF THIS PAGE BY CLICKING:  top



SMI (Social Media Interaction) Is Now No Longer Simply A Fad.

It’s A Requirement! 

And the quality of your social networking interaction is now directly proportional to your market share’s bottom line. 

 It’s Critical You Understand Your Social Media Revenue Opportunity Is NOW!

The surge in adoption of social media is one of the most significant trends currently at play in the “global village”. Leveraging viral marketing tactics, forward-looking brands have established significant fan bases within social media. Some are also able to monitor the opinions expressed about their brands within social media. Others are using social media as a means to provide customer service. But few attempts at engaging fans in sustained commercial relationships have succeeded with what would be considered any long term consistency.


USAudio Multimedia believes however that the opportunities are strong for businesses to turn their fans and followers into loyal and profitable customers. The condition for success though is that marketers adopt engagement rules that adhere to the top three core values that underpin social media itself — Permission, Transparency, and Relevance.

The Time For Cross-channel marketing for a digital world IS NOW!

With our resources and key resource partners, USAudio Multimedia Productions is in prime position to provide you the absolute best-in-class campaign offering, and  personalization management capabilities for sophisticated automation with execution of related marketing programs across all channels — digital and traditional. We addresses a key challenge as marketers who build and extend relationships with customer base to drive top-line revenue growth and ROI. The Marketing Performance Challenge Marketers are tasked with meeting increasingly ambitious goals all while their budgets and LIMITED Resources are being put under enormous pressures.  To do more with less, rising innovative entrepreneurs such as yourself have found automating their marketing operational processes via USAudio’s EMMY Award Winning Multimedia Productions, Traditional and Digital Graphic Marketing solutions make more dollars and sense. By providing National Quality Multimedia Presentations and Social Media Engagement vehicles coupled with comprehensive campaigns and fine tuned personalization management capabilities, USAudio help can you plan, automate, orchestrate, and measure marketing communications across any vast spectrum of marketing channels local to your community or Nationally and now Internationally as well at a price you can afford.  USAudio executes personalized inbound and outbound marketing programs across email, web, social, mobile, direct mail, kiosk, call center, and point of sale channels.  Our research has found that world-class innovative marketers, including Sony Music, Alcatel-Lucent, Sears Canada, and Sephora Europe, utilize the same technologies as USAudio to automate their marketing processes and orchestrate and deliver their personalized messages across channels while optimizing for exceptional business performance.  And it’s logical to understand that if these technologies and innovative strategies are the preference of such international leading marketers, it certainly makes reasonable sense you give it a try yourself, especially now that USAudio has made it possible for you to Go Head-to-Head With The Big Boys by leveling the playing field for the up and coming new enterprising entrepreneurs such as your self. USAudio’s primary goal is devising means to keep you engaged, relevant and competitive in today’s harsh marketplace AT A PRICE YOU CAN AFFORD.

Jonathan Smith: EMMY Award Winning Producer

EMMY Award Winning Producer: Jonathan Smith

The above photograph of USAudio, President, Owner and CEO Jonathan Smith may be used by the press an public alike in any material about USAudio or its owner which is of a positive nature.

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